Have you ever wondered why it is such a big deal for a right-handed person to try to do something with their left-hand?

When a right-handed person has to use their left hand, it turns into a scene! There is a bunch of hullabaloo and laughter and grace and support and they usually fall back to using the right-hand pretty quickly. They usually do a quick reflection, compare the outcomes, and are shocked at how poorly they achieved. […]

Have you ever wondered how a comic strip cartoonist creates enough funny content for a daily publication?

Each day our family still gets the actual newspaper. It is thrown onto our driveway or doorstep each morning. My husband loves the routine of getting the paper and sipping coffee to prep for the day. I guess touchscreen scrolling doesn’t have the same effect for him. So, the paper arrives each morning. I like […]

Have you ever wondered what it is like to drive a semitruck? 

I was driving halfway across the country in our minivan and came across a wide variety of trucks heading our same way. There were some that were open in the back, some that were double hitched together, some were carrying half of a house, and others were just the cab hauling nothing. As we went […]

Have you ever wondered what to make for dinner?

  I recently wrote a chapter for the Wish We Had Known Volume 2 book through Madison Area Business Consultants and it involved a dinner conundrum. This specific one involved frozen broccoli, but this What to make for dinner? doesn’t have to involve a kid with a green vegetable to still be an issue. My […]

Have you ever wondered what a moth feels as it flies towards an outdoor light?

Kind of gruesome. But I was outside watching swarms of flying insects around our outdoor patio light this summer and was amazed at how they kept coming. Individually, they landed and flew off for a bit and back again. They also seemed to attract more friends to the habit. It was like a call went […]

Have you ever wondered about food factories?

Factories amaze me. I went to tour the Vigo food packaging plant in Tampa, FL a while back and I was so impressed with the whole system. From the packaging and bottling to the storing and shipping to the recipe and spice room, it was impressive. And that was just the machinery! The people who […]

Have you ever wondered why corn grows straight up and its roots grow all curvy?

Have you ever wondered why corn grows straight up and its roots grown all curvy? I was driving out by Paoli, WI. I love seeing all of the corn growing in perfect rows. If you blur your eyes just a bit as you rush by it is almost like an animated picture. I wouldn’t recommend […]

Have you ever wondered why Pez are so popular?

My children were totally baffled by some candy they were gifted one holiday called Pez. It comes in a package with a candy dispenser contraption and three packages of stacked candy to load into the simple machine. Each of them had a different Star Wars character head where the candy would come out, so they […]