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The Brightest Bulbs Services

Take your life experience, professional knowledge, and skillsets and design engaging experiences so others learn from you.

The Brightest Bulbs PD is perfect for industry specific experts, university or foundation researchers, medical or public health professionals, or activists/advocates for social, local, or global causes.


  • Imagine taking your knowledge and helping regular people build understanding.
  • Imagine your work making a tangible impact on people’s daily lives.
  • Imagine building wider support for solutions to complex problems.
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I was thrilled to be featured in a 2021
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What is The Brightest Bulbs approach?

When you are delivering a presentation, workshop, or leading a collective experience in your field of expertise, it is important that the audience leaves with new or deepened understanding. The goal is for them to learn from your wisdom and take it into the world long after your session together.

You are still the expert, but because you have shared your knowledge in a meaningful way, their Lightbulbs are Turning On and will now contribute to the brightness in your field.

Through team workshops or 1:1 consultations, we will dissect your expertise into manageable content pieces, identify learning objectives, create exploration activities, and align assessment methods. We will create your presentation, tools, materials, and assessments together. Implementation practice and delivery review can also be included in your project.

Energize your professional expertise by sharing your knowledge to impact others.

Reach new audiences and understanding in and outside

your field of expertise

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The Brightest Bulbs Workshop Series

  • Three 1.5 hour group sessions in groups/teams of 4 participants working in a common field of expertise.
  • Series can be scheduled to complete in one day or over three dates.
  • Foundational understanding on The Brightest Bulb instructional design approach.
  • Analysis and evaluation of current materials, presentations, tools, and/or information.
  • Identify current and potential barriers to understanding and common misconceptions.
  • Each participant receives a one-hour instructional design mentorship session in an area of their choosing.
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The Brightest Bulb Instructional Design Services

If you need one-on-one instructional design services like writing a non-fiction book, presenting complex content or results to the general public, improving interactions, preparing for speaking opportunities, or designing curriculum in your area of expertise, we can tailor services to fit your project needs.

  • Design and develop high-quality instructional experiences, materials, activities, manuals, books, and assessments to match audience needs.
  • Mentoring with pre-launch preparation support – alignment, clarity, focus, consistency, energy, and pace.