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Expand Your Impact

Nonprofits’ missions are to make the world a better place from a shared point of view. To provide benefit to the public, larger portions of population need to understand.

We will enhance your interactions, from formal programming to presentation and materials, so the audience is more informed, ready to advocate, and move minds and hearts to meet your nonprofit’s goals.


  • Imagine delivering programming that truly impacts and enriches real people’s lives.
  • Imagine guiding your members to build their skills to gain more independence and ownership of their future.
  • Imagine engaging and reaching a wider audience to advocate for better outcomes.
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After listening to Heather’s workshop on creative thinking, I decided to let my five-year-old son explore and possibly even FAIL on a project. He wanted to try different fabrics and I just wanted to select burlap because it would be easiest. Then I stopped. I allowed him to explore, to struggle, to evaluate for himself which fabric would work best. He was engaged in such a higher level of thinking! He showed great satisfaction with HIS end product!”

What is the Shed Some Light approach?

Not everyone has the same perspective when it comes to complex problems and solutions. Not everyone brings with them the same knowledge, information, or life experiences.

So in order to build understanding, widen the viewpoints, and develop experiences that make an impact, we need to Shed Some Light on the complete picture.

This moves the needle. This builds collective understanding. This Gets Lightbulbs to Turn On!

Through workshops and 1:1 consultations, we will explore your programming and advocacy goals to design meaningful experiences, tools, materials, and presentations to reduce confusion, engage the audience, and empower others.

Heather working on an arts integrated project with a senior citizen.

Energize your philanthropy and community by developing Shed Some Light experiences

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Shed Some Light Workshop Series

  • Three 1.5 hour group sessions in groups/teams of 4 participants focused on a common initiative within a nonprofit organization.
  • Series can be scheduled to complete in one day or over three dates.
  • Foundational understanding on Shed Some Light instructional design approach.
  • Analysis and evaluation of current program, materials, data, tools, presentations, or other pressing information/events.
  • Identify current and potential barriers to understanding and common misconceptions.
  • Each participant receives a one-hour instructional design mentorship session in an area of their choosing.
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Shed Some Light Instructional Design Services

If you need one-on-one services like writing new programming curriculum, improving member services or client process, preparing for a speaking opportunity, or enhancing trainings/sessions, we can tailor services to fit your needs.

  • Design and develop high-quality instructional experiences, materials, activities, trainings, and assessments to match your non-profit’s needs.
  • Mentoring with pre-launch preparation support – alignment, clarity, focus, consistency, energy, and pace.

I enjoyed the arts integration session because not only did it tap into a very different skill set than our day-to-day work, but it also highlighted how creative my fellow residents are. It felt cathartic to take out some of the frustration and exhaustion in such a different way, as well as seeing burnout through everyone else’s eyes.”

Being able to take a break from the stresses of medicine and work and then be able to learn a new art was wonderful! I still find myself using some of the topics and techniques in photos I take every day. It was very easy to learn and brought a fun way to explore myself and my own feelings.”

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Shed Some Light – An Arts Integrated Experience

Get to the heart of a problem and lift voices typically dismissed or silenced around our most complex topics in the world today. An arts integrated approach is a powerful tool for your community or organization.

It improves discussions on the most complex topics by breaking down barriers, confronting assumptions and bias, creating shared understanding, and deepening a sense of community. Topics such as racism, DEI, burnout, power, or other social or political issues are perfect for this experience.

  • Small groups will explore art skills to create a tangible work of art.
  • Their work will be showcased, and a facilitated discussion will follow.
  • Debriefing session occurs to review insights and next steps.
  • No previous art experience necessary.

I learned how important it is to let my kids create, think, and be in ‘Flow’ and also how this relates to our family’s happiness and our individual happiness in life! Food for thought! Thanks!”

I participated with other members of my very white church in a book study entitled Dear Church. The book addressed racism within our church and in each of us, and discussing this difficult topic led to much personal reflection. After the book study, we began Heather’s arts integration project to continue to grow in confronting racism. I played around with fabric color in my piece to highlight rich culture that is certainly missing from our congregation. I practiced viewing racism from a BIPOC perspective. I will continue to use this lens.”

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Shed Some Light – Creative Wellness for Caregivers

For those who continuously care for others, carving out monthly time to rejuvenate with a creative lens is a powerful option. This 12-part series (1.5 hours each) helps caregivers, for the young, midlife, and elderly, design and manage interactions to foster creative thinking.

  • Sample Series Topic Menu: Formal and Informal Learning, Creativity and Intelligence, Inclusion, Happiness, Boredom, Questioning, Logical Consequences, Failure, Delayed Gratification, and more!
  • This cohort-style experience has been designed as a series for continued support in understanding and using creative thinking strategies.
  • Topics can also be booked as a stand-alone 1.5-hour workshop experience.

I became aware of how narrow-minded I was during the arts integration process and showcase. It totally baffled me. I couldn’t understand how my thinking was so different. How could all these different ideas be right? When Heather allowed us to discuss the meaning in our drawings, I started to realize how limited my outlook was. I hadn’t been looking for different perspectives of others. I had only looked at my own. Until now.”

Especially for those in the group who claimed I am not creative, Heather was able to connect and inspire each of us to take a deeper look at the issues using colors and symbolism to make the work and conversation much deeper.  It was invaluable in making a deeper connection to the material and each other.”