Meet Heather Dean

Heather Dean, M.Ed., NBPT, has been designing learning experiences for over 25 years. Since 2016, Creative Across the Curriculum has been supporting professionals by designing and delivering the best learning experiences possible for their audiences.

I developed Creative Across the Curriculum to combine my passion for creative learning with leadership skills to help others build work/life satisfaction.

None of us can possibly tackle today’s demands without Enhancing our Experiences. Whether you wish to reform complex problems, broaden perspectives, build a more meaningful life, lift communities, or achieve economic and academic success, I am here to help.

When the experience becomes vague or mundane, it effects focus, motivation, and comprehension. This is when my instructional frameworks make the most impact.

From boardrooms to classrooms to living rooms, I believe a growth process should bring pride and joy to our lives. Fulfillment comes from being supported through moments of challenge, ambiguity, and failure.

Both leader and follower recover with a deeper understanding and an enhanced relationship while gaining comfort in taking the creative risk.

I look forward to bringing the Creative Across the Curriculum approach to your work and life to make all the difference.