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Improve Communication and Engagement

Professional development opportunities and train-the-trainer sessions perfect for corporate or small businesses, HR leaders, customer service staff, team leaders, managers, consultants, or trainers.


  • Imagine your staff feeling motivated, satisfied, and inspired to come to work every day.
  • Imagine taking your customer service to the highest levels.
  • Imagine supporting your clients exactly where they are with exactly what they need to build understanding.
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I’ve been doing marketing for more than 25 years. But, after launching my consulting business, I found myself struggling to define my marketing process. Heather and her insights have been invaluable. Working through Heather’s process helped me define the steps I take with clients. Heather also suggested exercises I could tweak to keep clients engaged through the process. While we‘re not done yet, I’ve begun testing the ideas and process. The results are better than expected. Clients are engaged, excited about the work, and are referring my services to others. They are as excited about the process and the potential results. I couldn’t ask for more.”

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What is Lightbulb Leadership?

The Lightbulb Leadership program will help you design effective communication habits in your business that build understanding, reduce confusion and engage your audience. You’ll learn to:

  • Deliver experiences and interactions so others to get it and lightbulbs turn on.
  • Build collective understanding of complex topics.
  • Overcome typical barriers or friction points when a group struggles to understand the content or each other.
  • Share your knowledge and purpose by empowering others to invest and create with you.

We Wish We Had Known

I am one of the authors of We Wish We Had Known, an in-depth compilation of tips, tools and best practices to help business owners succeed.

Energize your business by developing Lightbulb Leadership habits

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Introduction to Lightbulb Leadership Workshop

  • 90 minute session (10 participants).
  • Foundational understanding on 3 Rings of Lightbulb Leadership.
  • Analysis of current materials, presentations, systems, or frameworks for meetings or processes to tweak current audience experience.
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Lightbulb Leadership Workshop Series

  • Three 1.5 hour group sessions in groups/teams of 4 participants.
  • Series can be scheduled to complete in one day or over three dates.
  • Foundational understanding on 3 Rings of Lightbulb Leadership.
  • Analysis of current leadership and communication habits and skills.
  • Evaluate current process to identify barriers to understanding and common misconceptions.
  • Each participant receives a one hour professional mentorship session in an area of their choosing.
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High Quality Instructional Design Services

If you need one-on-one services like writing an online course or nonfiction book, improving your customer service or client process, preparing for a speaking opportunity, or improving staff trainings or meetings, we can tailor services to fit your project needs.

  • Design and develop high-quality instructional experiences, materials, activities, manuals, books, and assessments for clients, customers, or colleagues to match audience needs.
  • Mentoring with pre-launch preparation support – alignment, clarity, focus, consistency, energy, and pace.
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Tackling Tough Topics – An Arts Integrated Discussion

Businesses work with a variety of people in ever-evolving environments. During times of change, support is needed. Using an arts integrated experience is a powerful tool to work through these challenging times. It improves discussions on complex topics to break down barriers, create shared understanding, and deepen a sense of community.

  • Small groups will explore art skills to create a tangible work of art.
  • Their work will be showcased, and a facilitated discussion will follow.
  • Debriefing session occurs to review insights and next steps.
  • No previous art experience necessary.