Have you ever wondered what a moth feels as it flies towards an outdoor light?

Kind of gruesome. But I was outside watching swarms of flying insects around our outdoor patio light this summer and was amazed at how they kept coming.

Individually, they landed and flew off for a bit and back again.

They also seemed to attract more friends to the habit. It was like a call went out, Hey! Party is ON over in this area of the yard!

What is the attraction here?

I wonder if they actually feel joy from sitting on or near this light?

Camaraderie maybe?

A workout?

Practicing their swooping and fluttering techniques?

I’m just not sure. Enjoying the wonder.

None of them seemed to be harmed. It is just a decorative porch light. It might be a different story if I hung one of those zapping-blue-laser-looking-lights that fries them.

Maybe that would have a different call out, Hey! Party is ON but WARNING: Play-At-Your-Own-Risk!

Do you think they send out a distress call?

Do they smell charr? Or see the crispy bits?

Probably not. Not enjoying the wonder right now.

And then, like magic, all of the insects stopped gathering at the light.

I don’t know what changed? Maybe the time of night? Or the temperature? Or the mother leader called them all home?

It makes you wonder, How some things can seem so attractive with little or no benefit for a short while and then, just like that, they are not?