Have you ever wondered why Pez are so popular?

Assorted colorful candy

My children were totally baffled by some candy they were gifted one holiday called Pez. It comes in a package with a candy dispenser contraption and three packages of stacked candy to load into the simple machine. Each of them had a different Star Wars character head where the candy would come out, so they seemed pretty excited. They opened the packages, and immediately started eating the candy. One said, Hey Mom, What do you do with this? I looked up to see him holding the dispenser, now munching on candy refill package number two.

I halted their smorgasbord and showed them how to load the Darth Vader column and pop one out a time. They looked at me like I was nuts. What a waste of time! Then proceeded to tear open the third refill to eat. They quickly went on to use the Pez heads with Legos and other figurines to reenact some sort of imaginary battle.

I couldn’t argue with them. It is a tedious process. Carefully unwrap the stack. Keep the candy column aligned. Layer each one into the shoot. Pick up the ones that fell. Rearrange the twisted ones. Hold the spring taught. Redo the whole process one candy at a time. Align the track back with the headpiece. Open and receive one measly piece of semi pleasant candy. I must be doing this wrong. So not worth it.

But it does make you wonder, Is Pez actually a fabulous lesson on working hard and being thankful for even the smallest of rewards?