Have you ever wondered why corn grows straight up and its roots grow all curvy?

Have you ever wondered why corn grows straight up and its roots grown all curvy?

Rows of stalks of cornI was driving out by Paoli, WI. I love seeing all of the corn growing in perfect rows. If you blur your eyes just a bit as you rush by it is almost like an animated picture. I wouldn’t recommend blurring them for too long if you are in the driver’s seat, but you can still get the effect with a quick look.

It is amazing to me that each of those plants starts with a seed. Buried in the ground. Little to no light. But somehow roots grow down and out in a curvy way to gather and absorb as many nutrients as possible. At the other end, the seed sprouts a strong, thick vertical stalk that collects sunshine for photosynthesis and to produce bountiful food. That stalk barely bends even in a strong wind. The roots hold firm deep underground. Each growing in opposite directions and opposite formations. Doing their job. Mutually benefiting from each other.

One whole field of thousands of individual corn plants. It is a powerful metaphor for our daily habits that might coexist and contradict. Standing alone while supporting others. Reaching out while reaching within. Bountiful output with rationed resources. Lining up to make room but standing tall to achieve goals. Using our genetic gifts to stabilize while contributing our personal story.

It makes you wonder, Are we that much different than corn – with roots that ground us and provide for us and individual stalks that reach high up to produce something meaningful?