Have you ever wondered if those ads on the back of the grocery store receipts actually work?

I was checking out of the grocery store and handed my son the receipt. He wanted to see how many gas points we had earned for the month after this purchase.

As he searched the long strip of paper, he flipped it over still looking. Instead of the gas point total, he was surprised to find all kinds of color ads on the back of the receipt. He started reading them out loud:

The ice cream store was running a sale of a BOGO when you showed this coupon!

The smoothie store had BOGO offer too!

We could go to get all-you-can-eat at a sushi buffet!

With wide eyes and a big grin, he exclaimed, Let’s do it!

I had been going to this same grocery store for years and had NEVER looked on the back of my receipt. It all did sound good…good food, good treats, good deals. Should we? Hmmmm?

But then reality and logic stepped in.

I have a cart full of groceries to bring home for all of us to eat.

I just spent a significant amount to feed our family this week.

We don’t need more junk. Or a treat. Or really the stated deal.

And, we didn’t have the time.

So, I told my son we would need to pass. He understood, and off we went.

As I was getting in the car, I thought, Well…? Maybe I should save this receipt? We might have a use for it? Maybe after the game this weekend? Maybe a birthday dinner? Maybe a refreshing treat on a hot summer day?

So, I put it in the little dashboard slot tray. Just in case.

It stayed there for three months. In sight, available, but just not useful.

Finally, it was trashed.

It does make me wonder, What other ‘deals’ do we hold onto but don’t act on with the ‘just in case’ mindset? Does this mindset help us? Or should we chuck it?

Image Credit: Polina Tankilevitch