Have you ever wondered why it is such a big deal for a right-handed person to try to do something with their left-hand?

When a right-handed person has to use their left hand, it turns into a scene!

There is a bunch of hullabaloo and laughter and grace and support and they usually fall back to using the right-hand pretty quickly. They usually do a quick reflection, compare the outcomes, and are shocked at how poorly they achieved. They make statements of disbelief and at times show pity for us lefties.

This got me wondering.

It is a common pattern for dominating habits in our society to briefly take on a different perspective and then shake-it-off as a No Go.

But how many are unable to shake-it-off? They live with it 24/7.

How many are unwilling to give up part of themselves to fit into the norm? They struggle because they do not defer to the dominant.

How often does the power group treat the other as silly or a joke or just something to try for a split second but not really explore or risk? Not seriously commit to face the struggle. To experience it. Their safety net remains hinged at the beginning and end, poised to protect their way. Rooted in the dominant approach when they tire of the annoyance.

And just like that, they can switch back to their right hand.

Another example is when my daughter’s friend broke her foot and was on crutches. That first day at school, tons of attention and support. Peers begged to try out her crutches, to sit with her during PE for an alternative activity, to admire her cast, and to be selected to ride the elevator with her.

By day three, the peers had lost interest. They went back to running up the stairs to get to lunch or recess. They were frustrated to fall behind by riding the elevator. They wanted to play the regular dodgeball game at PE. They no longer wanted to alter their behavior beyond the initial safe, low risk, attempt at understanding.

This tendency makes sense.

But when you apply it to other situations, beyond left-right-handed or temporary crutches, it makes you wonder: What ways do we regularly brush off the difference in order to feel comfortable in our habit or path? What ways do we intentionally push ourselves to do more than ‘try-on’ a different perspective?